Electronics Mechanic

During the two-year duration of Electronics Mechanic trade a candidate is trained on professional skill, professional knowledge and Employability skill related to job role. In addition to this a candidate is entrusted to undertake project work and extracurricular activities to build up confidence.

FIRST YEAR: In this year trainees will learn about safety and environment, use of fire extinguishers, artificial respiratory resuscitation to begin with. Theygets the idea of trade tools & its standardization, Familiarize with basics of electricity. They will measure the various parameters by DSO and execute the result with standard one. Skilling practice on different types & combination of cells for operation and maintenance of batteries being done. They can Identify and test passive and active electronic components. Trainees will also construct and test unregulated and regulated power supplies. Trainees will practice soldering and de-soldering of various types of electrical and electronic components on through hole PCBs. The candidates will be able to construct and test amplifier, oscillator and wave shaping circuits, testing of power electronic components. They can be able to construct and test power control circuits, Identify and test opto electronic devices. They will able to achieve the skill on SMD Soldering and De-soldering of discrete SMD components. Trainees will verify the truth tables of various digital ICs by referring Data book also they practice circuit simulation software to simulate and test various circuits. In the end of first year the trainees will construct and test various circuits using linear ICs 741 & 555.
SECOND YEAR: In this year the trainees will be able to Identify, prepare, terminate and test various types of electronic cables used in various electronic systems. They assemble a computer system, install OS, Practice with MS office, use the internet, browse, create mail IDs, download desired data from internet using search engines. Gaining the skill by practicing SMD Soldering and De-soldering of various types of IC Packages. Able to identify the defects and do rework of PCB. They construct and test simple electrical control circuits and various electrical protective devices. The trainees will assemble and test a commercial AM/ FM receiver. They will identify various functional blocks and I/O Ports of a 8051 microcontroller system, Familiarize with the instruction set of 8051 micro controller, interface a model application with the Microcontroller kit and run the application. The trainee will identify and test various types of sensors used in electronic industries and construct and test circuits using various sensors system. They can construct and test analog and digital IC based application circuits as a part of project work. The trainees will work with DPM Modules to measure various electrical parameter, also interface the LCD modules to display a word. They will also skilled with various modulation techniques to acquaint with fibre optic communication techniques by using trainer kit. Identify various Input and output sockets/connectors of the given SMPS and UPS. Install and troubleshoot the given solar panel system. Dismantle and assemble various types of cell / smart phones and trouble shoot the cell/smart phone. Dismantle and assemble the given LED light stack. Design a LED light for the given ratings. Assemble decorative lighting system (serial lights) using LED strips. Dismantle, assemble, trouble shoot and rectify LED and LCD TV sets.